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Capital Allocation Services

Strategic Capital Allocation Services

An effective capital allocation decision-making process requires leadership alignment around goals and metrics, data management tools, and the ability to balance rigor with agility.

The key elements of a strategic asset allocation strategy include defining your financial goals and when you want to achieve them, assessing risk tolerance, and understanding investment vehicles, costs, and tax implications.

Here are five allocation strategies:

  1. Organic growth
  2. Mergers and acquisitions
  3. Debt payments
  4. Dividend payments
  5. Shares buyback

Why Hire a Capital Allocation Advisor?

The pandemic has highlighted a pressing need for companies to improve elements of their capital allocation processes. It’s about distributing and investing capital in ways that support the company’s long-term strategy and create value for its stakeholders.

Smart companies apply three disciplines well: strategic capital budgeting, project evaluation, and investment governance. These practices impose discipline, instill leadership alignment, and enable projects to be evaluated objectively.

Capital Allocation Advisory Services is the process of dividing your investment portfolio among stocks, bonds and cash. Your capital allocation strategy should match your risk tolerance and time horizon.

How Digispectre's Capital Allocation Advisory Services can help you?

What is the best way for businesses to maximise their profit outcomes, diversify their revenue streams and increase their market value? The answer is a well-crafted capital allocation strategy.

  • Investing in strategic initiatives that are scalable and create sustainable, high returns for the company is an art form that requires expert financial analysis. This process is the key to avoiding common pitfalls such as the maturing-business trap (continued investment in declining business units) and the egalitarian trap (every division gets its fair share of capex based on historical revenues).
  • The most successful companies vet all capital allocation decisions through a committee, often referred to as an “investment committee” or “strategic resource allocation committee.” This is the forum where strategic critical decisions are made.
  • However, these committees must be careful not to become a dumping ground for every business unit’s request for funds. Instead, support teams should do the rigorous prework by digging into requests, pushing for higher-quality data and presenting it in a useful manner. The goal is to ensure that every committee meeting will end with a decision—not a circle back later.
  • In addition to the governance structure, leadership must align on a vision that ties the capital allocation process back to strategy, so that the right decisions are being made. It’s also important to understand that the boldest decisions may need to be tweaked as projects progress. Ideally, funding should be timed to—and conditioned on—achieving necessary benchmarks and conditions.

Capital Allocation Strategy Services Offerings

Cash Culture Drive

Well-run public companies establish capital allocation goals that encompass growth funding, M&A activities, dividends and share buybacks. Fostering a cash culture is like running a marathon: it requires commitment and discipline.

Often, the greatest opportunity for improving cash conversion lies in working-capital management (accounts receivable and payable) and in inventory targets and process adherence. Companies with strong cash cultures are more resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Corporate Efficiency

Everyone envisions what they want their business to look like months, years or even a decade down the road. However, the hard part is identifying where to focus to reach those goals.

Efficiency refers to the amount of output generated compared to how much time, effort and resources are used. Minimizing inefficiencies requires careful monitoring of processes, clear communication, accountability and delegating responsibilities to appropriate people.

Proactive Portfolio Management

Proactive portfolio management is the process of identifying, assessing, and seizing opportunities that align with investment objectives. It includes addressing liquidity risks through loan restructuring or workouts to mitigate credit losses.

Looking at your project portfolio as a whole will improve communication among departments and help to reduce constraints on projects. This approach helps eliminate delays, budget overruns and project failures.

Capital Deployments

Forecasting and scenario planning are key tools in capital allocation processes. Learn how using predictive analytics software and data visualization tools helps streamline the process, improve results, and support better strategic decision-making.

Biases and assumptions can skew forecasts, so it is important to make sure that a full range of possible futures has been considered. Additionally, it is critical to prioritize the most important uncertainties.

How Digispectre can help?

M&A Advisory Services

M&A advisors help clients prepare their business for sale, identify buyers and negotiate transaction terms. They also handle financial analysis and valuations.

Founders and management teams already have full schedules. Hiring an M&A advisor frees up their time to focus on building the business and achieving performance targets.

Strategy & Financial Consulting services

Financial consulting services assess and project a company’s financial capacity for money-making initiatives. They also facilitate sustainable growth strategies to help companies achieve long-term success in the competitive market.

Financial Advisory Company

Advisory services encompass the comprehensive bundle of expert third party strategic advice for businesses and organizations beyond statement-accounts. This includes building trust and credibility with stakeholders.

Valuation and Financial Modelling

Our Valuation, Modeling & Economics consulting services provide responsive and objective advice to help you execute your transactions. Our expertise includes valuation, transaction support and modeling services backed by firm-wide resources across industries and geographies.

Capital allocation services

What is the best way for businesses to maximise their profit outcomes, diversify their revenue streams and increase their market value? The answer is a well-crafted capital allocation strategy.

Corporate Finance Consulting

Strategic consulting helps companies identify their goals and create plans to reach them. This may involve reworking operations, implementing technology, building M&A capabilities or creating new revenue streams like recurring revenues.

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